Hi. I've just installed AttoPilot current and voltage sensor on my APM.

On my plane, everything is powered from ONE battery. (Motor, APM, EzUHF Rx, Video TX, minimOSD, FPV camera, servos, .....)

When I plugged in my battery and let the system boot up, AttoPilot measures 0.02 - 0.10 amperes, but my calibrated multimeter shows 0.51, turnigy watt meter shows 0.50. because video tx and camera and OSD is working. When I gave half throttle, Attopilot measures 6 amps, multimeter 6.50, turnigy watt meter 6.47. My problem is on idle.

And If I put battery out of the plane, AttoPilot measures 0.51, if I close my hand over current sensor it shows 23 amps, if I wrap UBEC and current sensor with tape, Attopilot shows 1.1 amps. :))

What can I do? It is not stable on zero throttle. without touching anything, at first boot it shows 0.02, at second boot 0.65.

Is it normal? Or is there any calibration of current sensing on Mission planner? (I did the normal setup process on wiki.)

By the way, voltage is always rock solid.

Please help.


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Hi There

I'm having similar problems. My Current is just indicated too low. Did you figure out what your problem was?


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