Can anyone tell me what the auto-disarm logic is? I can't find any mention on the wiki now, but I seem to remember reading that if it is in stabilize mode with zero throttle it will auto-disarm after 5 or 10 seconds, which seems to be what's happening.

Is there also logic in there to prevent this happening in the air? A few times I've been quite high up and wanting to descend quickly, but have been nervous about how slow I let the props go in case it auto-disarms on me in flight - is there any chance of that or is it looking at height or descent rate to prevent it?

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Did you ever find a solution to this as I have only tested my build on the ground with no props. And I find it disarming even though I intentionally throttle down. Ideally want the timeout to be longer so in flight it is not too much of a worry that 5-10 sec it's going to disarm while still in the air.
No, I never got an answer about how this is prevented from happening in flight.

However, I have since discovered that its bad practice to ever let the motors stop in flight because they might not be able to spin up again if they start windmilling backward in freefall. There have been a few crashes reported for which this is the suspected cause.
Thanks for the reply. I can see that. Set my failsafe to 1020 on the RC which effectively puts it in RTL if throttle is to low during flight. Will need to tune this more once i do my first test flight and determine throttle percentage v decent rate before props stop/spin back.

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