Please Help!.


I have tested the RTL mode and is OK!, but when I switch to AUTO mode the airplane come to home sometimes recognize it and then try to reach the second waypoint but never reach it.


I have used the last code for ardupilotmega and ArdupilotMegaPlanner.


Please Help!

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Hello Ravi, I use a Futaba too and I can choose between 5 differents modes with 2 switches without modifing the code. You just need to program a mix on the radio, example:
3 ways switch E is the main switch (manual, stabilize, auto) linked to AUS1
2 ways switch A is the mixer trigger
You've to set a mixer: AUS1 (master) -> AUS1 (slave), SW->A, choosing the right rate (-70% for my setup) to obtain the 5 differents levels on the output channel.
Then, naturally, you'll have to set the modes on the CLI

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