I have the basic waypoint point to point flight and understanding down pretty well.

Its just I cant land on its own because it lands and bounces, but never shuts off motors.

Just wondering is there any way to get the auto land to actually land and shut down the motors?

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Auto land does not cut off the motors  but rather puts the copter into a decent. The pilot has to flip back to Stabalize and manually cut the throttle. I  got a gust once and did a ground roll in Autoland mode so I like to land manually....



      We've redone the landing code in 2.9.  We can't guarantee that it will shut down the motors but we can pretty much guarantee that it will stick to the ground instead of bouncing.

      2.9 is in beta testing now and if you're feeling brave and know how to upload using the arduino IDE you can help us test.  The beta testing discussion is going on on the 2.8.1 release thread.


Thanks Randy,

I probably will try it after Christmas, it would be a great benefit if it shut off the motors like that "N" product does.  

You guys are the best, thanks again, Ed,

I just test my arducopter last week. Using 2.8.1.

For autoland, my copter still bouncing.

Is there any tuning can I make?


2.9 includes inertial nav for altitude hold and it completely changes the quality of alt hold and landings.  Check out the videos from Marco.  2.9 is still in testing but it's coming soon to the mission planner - maybe 1 week but it depends upon resolve the last few issues.  It's impossible to get landings this good with 2.8.1 I'm afraid.


Nice, thanks Randy and all that's working on this!


Great to know that!!

I will wait for 2.9 version.


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