Edit: Success - http://diydrones.com/profiles/blogs/it-works-fully-automated-parach...

I want to try this with my quad and see if and how it works.

Here's my waypoint list:

Basically takeoff to 6m (will actually take off the ground myself as AC v2.7.1 doesn't seem do the takeoff).

Then fly to a close waypoint at 10m alt, then to a further waypoint at 60m alt, loiter for 5 secs, release the chute, loiter for 5 secs, descend to an interim waypoint at 30m, descend further to a closer waypoint at 15m and RTL from there. This is in a fairly open area and the drop will be about 60-70m from the takeoff. May change the waypoint positions if there's a bit of wind.

Does that order & logic look about right?

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hey, thanks for the kind words.

I believe I've fixed the DO_SET_SERVO command now as well.

Thanks Randy, that's excellent work! Thanks for going to the trouble on this!

I see the code alteration was quite involved.

Have successfully compiled the servo changes on V2.7.4-Beta (my current test fw)

Will try it out tomorrow...


Hi Randy, Tested the servo code but some problems!
Chan 1 to 4 are used for motors. All channels above 4 are:
for some reason, all set from start of mission
Does not trigger at, or after appropriate wp

Used ch8 o/p (at end of APM) for testing



mission planner config, ch8 not enabled (no enable option for servo) but your code should be  enabling the requested channel. I believe.

Flight one: set servo to ch 8, 1800 uS. Ch 5 to 10 changed to 1233uS for mission duration.
Flight two: set servo to ch 8, 1100 uS. Ch 5 to 10 changed to 44800uS for mission duration. weird pulse lengths.


I can't see any relationship between the above numbers?
Or are the outputs being used S5 to S10?


Thanks Randy.... looking forward to testing this in 2.9

Will this also be fixed in arduplane?? It sounds like a great improvement , good job

Just been testing in Arduplane HILS (Hardware-In-the-Loop-Simulator) and the changes in the mission planner appear to be optimised towards ArduCopter which also seems to have broken the servo-out in ArduPlane HILS. (It was working before in the HILS)

I also checked in ArduPlane v2.68 (flying version not HILS) and there the servo-out seems to work(?) with the servo going to the positions commanded by the new Shutter options in the MP. Haven't physically flown to test as would prefer to get everything working on the ground in the sim first.

I hope to get back to this next week, I did look at the relay code and appears to me that there is only one relay output option which is driven from PORTL2.

Still need to trace the servo options, expect that they are much more configurable of course. But the main drawback I think, is how to set a default postion!

I'm probably going with my own external board for the parachute operation, and use portL2 pin out as the control signal

In APv2.68 flying version I can set the default position of the servo and it is 'held' there, as soon as I input and hit enter or deselect the value the servo moves to that position. So it's definately working, but as I can't test it on the ground I'll try test in the air.

...or at least it did until I reloaded v2.68 with the MP, now it's not working anymore, odd!

I looked a little bit at the relay code as well while looking into the servo and camera stuff and I also noticed that you can't set the default relay.  Sandro B (one of the guys on the dev team) suggested we use pin a9 on the APM2 & 2.5.  I guess we could make the pin a parameter like it is for the battery monitor... we just have soooo many parameters already I'd prefer to just hardcode it.

I can't think how my changes would have broken ArduPlane but i'll ask the arduplane expert (Tridge or someone else).  I can likely fix arduplane as well although arducopter keeps me pretty busy..

I'd really appreciate getting the relay option working, it seems a bit backward to have a digital device (APM) driving a physical device (servo) to trigger a digital device (camera).

I hotwired a connection into my stills camera, which I can trigger by setting an output pin on an arduino board to HIGH, and I was hoping to do the same thing from my APM 2.5 in response to camera_trigger events in Mission Planner.

Thanks Randy for your efforts here, looks like there were some serious cobwebs around this part of the ArduPilot functionality, considering how common a use case it must be. Some docs would be great too, even if its just a wiki page to keep track of what is+isn't currently working, I've spent quite a few hours trying to figure it out before being directed to this thread.


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