Hello everybody,

I want my landing gear to work independently. After seeing this video on youtube, I downloaded the provided firmware.

After building the ardupilot, it doesn´t connect anymore to mission planner. Any ideas why?


Edit: I just saw that the firmware has been updated. After downloading and trying to install it, I get the following error:

ArduCopter.cpp.o: In function `do_aux_switch_function':
C:\ArduPilot-Arduino-1.0.3-windows/switches.pde:454: undefined reference to `AP_Gear::autonomous()'
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status

Edit2: Compiled it in Linux without any error. Now I can connect to mp and apm planner but still, nothing works. I set CH7_Opt to 29 and



But when I move my ardupilot nothing happens.

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Please checkout the branch ArduCopter-3.2 from my ardupilot fork, it has the same landinggear modifications but is based on upstream/ArduCopter-3.2 where landinggear is based on master and should not be used for flying unless you know exactly what you are doing.

GEAR_ALT_MIN=10 means the height for the gear to retract or release is 10cm

GEAR_SPEED_MAX=50 means your vehicle must not move faster than 50cm/s for the gear to release.

CH7_OPT=29 is fine. With a three position switch you get the gear up/down action on max/min and the auto mode in the middle. If there is a failsafe condition the gear will be released even if not in auto mode. APM has to be armed for the gear to retract in auto mode.

If you don't have a three position switch don't set CH7_OPT at all and AP_Gear will be in auto after a restart.

Also don't forget to set the RCxx_FUNCTION=29 for the port you connected the landing gear to.

Did you ever get this straitened out? Just bought a new quad frame that has built in retracts and would love to be able to get this working. 

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