Hello everybody!

I both ArduPilot Mega (v1.4) for my boat. With ArdupilotMegaPlanner I have uploaded  Firmaware to the board.  Than I have done setups in terminal (radio and modes) I set on my  5ch switch manual-auto.  On the board  I have connected  3ch is throttle and 4ch steering(yaw) . So everything is right?

Today was first run on the lake with unhappy end :(. . In the flight planner I set my “home” and  2 waypoints.  Than I have uploaded wps to the board. So than in manual mode I was pride how fast  and smooth my boat goes..:) But when I turn on autopilot with my switch the boat made to cycles and with full throttle (top speed about 70km/h)  gone into the shore.. 

Maybe can you help me and give some tips? I read ardu goes into the water and all other themes in forum, but there are nothing about UGV with ArdupilotMegaPlanner :(


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APM is for planes and copters so loading the code and using without modification means it will not do anything you wish correctly.

Whilst APM can be has the power to be used with many vehicles (fixed wing, helicopter, quadrotor, Osprey VTOL, car, boat have been done so far) only two are a mature package as of yet. Ground vehicles is being covered by James Goppert ArduPilotOne but I am unsure of it development stage although it has been shown to work. As for sailing I only know one of one such example, Harold Molle. Harold's boat does sonar depth mapping all by itself but this is with huge amounts of modification as well as multiple reincarnations.

I suggest you try James Goppert's APO code but you will need to modifiy it for your own circumstances as this is pretty untested territory.

Thank you for your answer! How ArduPilotMega change direction of a plane in the air? Only with rudder? Or with Ailerons and Elevators?

I have trouble to download files via SVN. I have installed a lot of program special for that, but without succes. When I try to download Ardupilotone comes message: "Server sent unexpected return value (405 Method Not Allowed) in response to"!

Maybe someone knows what I`am doing wrong? I`m using tortoiseSVN, ULR of repository: this adress ant this one

Thank you for your support.


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