I am in the process of getting my tank up and running and figured Id leave a post of my progress.  I have been reading on DIY Drones for a long time now and decided it was time to contribute a little bit.  I built the model in Rhino3D and then laser cut the frame out of acrylic.  The treads and motor are pretty common parts and can be easily found on sparkfun or anywhere else really.  After designing a PCB built specifically for this project I used a Dx5e and AR6110e Receiver to drive the L298 Bridge Driver.  That worked pretty well but Im still having trouble getting enough power to the motors.  The battery I have chosen is a 3-Cell lithium 6aH that plugs directly into the PCB.  I am still working on a code to get this working autonomously.  I am trying to use the EM-406 to give me precise location and distance to other waypoints but have been struggling with the code.  In the future I would like to build multiple tanks and have them communicating between each other.


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So, image number two is your board? Looks good! Does it take the place of the Arduino and shield in picture 1?
Image number 2 is the custom PCB built for it. That board will go in place of the arduino in picture 1 when I lasercut a piece to hold it on.
and all this started from lego mindstorms
No this had nothing to do with lego mindstorms

Very ggod job. I'd like it.

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