Autopilot clarification/suggestion for UAV Senior project

Hi guys,
At my school, there have been a few senior projects related to UAVs.
They were good projects except they were never completed either due the
complexity of the project or complications along the way.

After this frustrating scenario, two friends and I got together and
wanted to build a UAV capable of actual flight for our senior project.
We are engineering majors (me electrical and my two friends mechanical).
Our idea is to build a UAV capable of “actual” autonomous flight and
flexible enough for modifications in future senior projects.

My part of the project involves integration of electrical components and making sure everything works the way is supposed to.
I’m putting together a spreadsheet with all the features that the
different autopilots offer. I’m looking at ArduPilot Mega, UAV
DevBoard, Paparazzi Tiny v2, AttoPilot.

I read that the AttoPilot is not open source so it might boil down to tiny v2, ArduPilot or UAV Devboard since I want something that's open to modifications in the future.

1) How does the ArduPilot Mega or UAV DevBoard differ from the tiny v2 since they seem to be open source and possibly open hardware?
2) What telemetry interface is available for ArduPilot and UAV Devboard. Tiny v2 has an interface in ubuntu which seems pretty slick but I have not played with it yet. Also what is the master-slave and why does that seem important.

Thank you.

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1) ArduPilot Mega (APM) and the UAV DevBoard are both IMU-based. Tiny V2 is thermopile based, as far as I know.

2) These are the telemetry ground station interfaces for APM. The UAV Devboard does not have a dedicated ground station yet, but I know that's coming soon. Not sure what you mean by "master-slave". That's not a term we use.
Thanks Chris, now Tiny v2 seems flexible in both software and hardware but will require some external help coding and adding other components. What about APM and DB? Is it equally challenging? Also for telemetry is there like a windows software or linux software that I could use with these two?
Yes, check out the HappyKillmore GCS linked above. It's Windows and very easy to use.

In terms of ease of use, it really depends on what you're used to. Paparazzi is Linux-only. UDB requires the MPLAB toolchain, but at least it runs on Windows. APM is based on Arduino (Windows, Mac, Linux), which is the easiest to use but not the most sophisticated IDE if you want to do hard core programming.
May I suggest my techpod1.1 for an airframe ? The fuselage was designed for payload integration . I would be more then happy to share the aerodynamic and inertial analysis data i used to design it .
Thanks for the suggestion. I would love to see it. I think it would be really helpful for my friends since they have a Pro-E CAD drawing and there is always room for improvement and new suggestions.
What recommendations you have for an rc system, what would I need that is compatible with the autopilots? where should I start looking for ?

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