I am developing an autopilot control unit {acu} for a 32 ft boat. The most important function is heading hold. I am looking at an arduino board with the appropriate sensors. The sensors package needs to detect change in heading more so than the actual heading although the latter is also nice.

My plan is to first develop a device which detects quantitative heading change first. When that is stable develop code to output on off instructions to a h bridge for the stearing drive.

I am looking for opinions on appropriate hardware for this project.

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Arduino UNO is limited, but ther is the Arduino Mega that has much more memory.

Thank you if you can share something. I'll share mine later.


Hi All,

I'm in a own project called RabdakPilot: build a boat autopilot and trying learn from others. My project is in advanced status and near to heavy water tests. If you want know more about, just google rabadakpilot and watch my project.

Hope share ideas about.

Warm regards from Portugal

PS. this is a PDF file with the prototype


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