Pixhawk, Arduplane 3.2.2.

Hello guys,

having a problem to make EKF to work. 
As soon as I put the EKF_ENABLE 1, the massage "BAD AHRS" appears on my Mission Planner screen. I couldn't find any similar topic on other forums so you're my last chance =)

I thought that it's might be a hardware problem, but both of my Pixhawks acts the same. The IMU pin legs connections on PCB are also look fine. All the initial calibration were made.

I also had an idea that it might be a wrong EKF_ or AHRS_ parameters problem, but I varied them without any successful result. 

Both IMU seems to work according to log file. But most of EKF'1-4' logs shows zeros. Since it was recorded indoor so I turned off the "AHRS_GPS_USE 0", but even with its on and outdoor the result is the same - "Bad AHRS"

I also noticed that INS_PRODUCT_ID turns to "0", saying that IMU is unknown, but not 5 as it should be for Pixhawk.

Please help, I spent the 2 days solving this problem without any results!

Here are the Parameters and Logs.

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ice-o-l8 said:


Mission Planner,

' Flight Data '

' Pre Flight ' tab,

(far right) click ' Edit ',

change ' GPS Status '  ' {value} >= 3 ' from ' 3 ' to ' 1 ',

or ' 2 ' if you have two gps'.

' SAVE '

Now ' Verify GPS ' will turn green on ' Pre Flight Check List '


ice-o-18, Thanks to you, my brain overheat temp is sinking into the green for the first time in three days.

I'd appreciate a line or two explaining your thinking that brought you to the solution. Maybe I can learn something.

Thank you so much for the answer.

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