bad crash last Saturday - can someone here read logs and analyze ?

well today just wasn't my day.
I wanted to video some today of a lake near here that is soon to be refilled after the dam was replaced for the 2nd time. I preflighted my IRIS+ and even flew it around the yard some, it operated flawlessly. so i got ready and went to the lake. I put in my battery, waited for the IRIS+ to give the green light.
i took off, flew around the perimeter of the lake some, and then headed offshore ( no water yet, just the streams ) i get about half way over the lake and suddenly the drone looses total control wobbled around violently, fell and crashed upside down. badly damaged.

What could have caused it to suddenly go out of control.. someone please help..

the flight lasted less than 1 min.. i was in loiter mode. full charged batteries.

i'll post logs on here...



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is there anything i can do next time to try to recover before crash ? ( change a fly mode or is there a manual mode ? ) 

i fly mostly loiter, and sometimes stabilize. only 2 modes available that i know of on the IRIS+  (Pixhawk system )

does any one know what may have caused my crash ? i was at home and it flew great, then i took it across town to fly.

could that have caused any calibrations to go out ? i wouldn't think so..


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