I am using this Tx/Rx:

and this Camera set for NTSC:

and a 1.3Ghz patch antenna.

The signal is less than ideal. I haven't tested range yet because i'm concerned about the quality first. The video into my TV has about 70% recognizable, clear image. The rest mainly consists of large black blob-like horizontal lines traveling slowly up and down the screen. This is only on channel 7. All the other channels look like poop for the most part, and are worthless. What could be causing this?


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I'm thinking what John is thinking.
Do you see anything, either at the airport, or "around" your area that looks like either of these (sometimes the top is more of a pointy cone.):

Ahhh okay, i'm not sure, i'll drive around and check today.
I was also looking in purchasing one of these also but I dont see how its illegal if operated on the 1.240G or 1.280G band? (The transmitter has 8 Channels 6 of which I believe are illegal) But according to the Frequency Allocation Chart (http://www.ntia.doc.gov/osmhome/allochrt.html) the 1240 to 1300 range is for Amaterur/Radiolocation use. By the way whats radiolocation?

According to BEVRC (the seller) channel 9 is legal

You are absolutely correct, 1240 to 1300 MHz is reserved for "Ham"/Amateur radio use. You can obtain a technician class license very easily. You can find information on obtaining a license here. You can find out more about "Radio Location" here.

Could the reserved nature of the channel, by being in frequent use by its reserver, be leading to the interference issues with my tx/rx?
That's Great to know!! I even emailed the FCC asking them about it, but they haven't responded. (I would hate to pay any fines!!) Thanks for the response Nathaniel! I'll just go ahead and get the technical class license. Just wonder if the Smartflix ARRL Technical Class Ham Radio License DVD is still up to date...? (http://smartflix.com/store/video/335/ARRL-Technician-Class-Ham-Radi...)
Sorry to bring this thing back up.

I fixed the problem. My receiver was being powered by an old multi power adapter brick that barely supplied 200ma at 12V. I switched it to a big juicy 12v power supply and the picture is perfect. Thank you all who helped.

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