I was curious to see how many ppl balance their motors. I've been trying to reduce vibrations to eliminate shaky video and even with my props precisely balanced the video is beyond stabilizing in post. I'm in the process or replacing all motors and decided to balance them (using iPhone accelerometer) before installation but the process is tedious and not extremely precise. 

I'm using the 880kv motors from 3DR's store, which brings up another question. Do higher quality motors need to be balanced at all? The motors I have seem to work fine and the quad flies great but are they ideal for capturing video or should I look at something more expensive that would not need to be balanced out of the box?



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Replacing the motors made a tremendous difference. My guess is that a prop adapter or possibly a shaft was bent or warped slightly during a crash which was causing severe shaking. I also added a real vibration damper similar to the one Pedro linked and I'm happy to report that video is great now. 

Thanks for the replies. I will not worry with balancing motors in the future.

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