I have a problem about Altitude when connect to APM Planner is error value and lag update. And, When i change to ALT Hold is yo-yo (jiggle up-down) But, It's set altitude at 1-2 meter only. I don't know it than. Please help me. 

P.S It problem is new board from 3DRobotics. 

Thank for help

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Help me please......

What firmware do you have loaded?

Are you using a sonar sensor? If so, disable it in the Mission Planner. 

It have problem on Firmware 2.9 - 2.9.1 only. but, when i had used 2.8.1 is no problem.


    I not used sonar sensor. Barometer only and when it take off by stabilize mode it show altitude is incorrect (real altitude is 1 m. in APM Planner is show 5 -10 or minor value) and when change to 2.8.1 is no have problem it. I need know about problem it.


And your board is in the enclosure, with the foam inside?

Yes, It have foam in APM case. 

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