I have a 4000mAh 3c Turnigy Nano-tech Battery, and I am confused about what to put in the "Battery Failsafe (mAh)" setting. There is nothing mentioned in online wiki about the "mAh" setting - only the Voltage. 

In the Voltage section I have put a conservative 11 Volts to preserve some energy for the RTL function and not lower the cell voltage level too far.

Any pointers would be appreciated!



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I think the rule of thumb is not to use a battery below 80% of its capacity if you want it to last a long time.  Leaving 20% of 4000mAh would have you enter a value of 800mAh.  You might want to leave more to make sure it can complete its RTL, or less, if you plan to monitor battery usage yourself and use the failsafe only in case of emergency (i.e. a big enough emergency that battery life afterwords is not an issue), and/or if you never get too far from your launch point (home).

Thank you!

     I read what you wrote about the 80% setting in the MAH value; but what about the failsafe setting for voltage? Should I set it for 80% also? Thanks for any help.

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