I have a 3DR Quad Frame B with an ArduPilot Mega 1.  I've want to do aerial video.  What's the biggest battery I can use that will give me the longest flight time.  At what point to I blow out the ESCs and the ArduPilot.  I'm running a 3000Mh 3s.   How much higher can I go?


Any help is appreciated.

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The ESC and motors can handle 2S to 4S so you could go with a higher voltage pack. Not sure about the weight but there are higher capacity batteries available like 5,000 mAh and 8,000 mAh.

Hey Joshua, I'm testing a range of batteries on my 3DR Quad C at the moment, 880kv motors, 20amp ESCs and 11x4.7 APC props. I'm currently flying 2650mah, 4000mah and 5000mah 3S packs, and I'm about to test out some 4S packs of equivalent weight to see if that's a win. I was amazed when I flew with the 5000 pack, I was expecting it to fly like a dog but it seemed just as responsive as it does with the 2650 packs. So far the ESCs stay cool to the touch, so I haven't tested with an amp-meter yet, but I will do before I fly with the 4S packs.

Although I haven't put them through enough cycles to know whether they'll work out in the long run, the Turnigy nano packs are pretty awesome for power to weight (and price!) ratio. Nice neat square profile too, so they strap in tight against the bottom panel.

Can you post more on your testing.  What modes of Lipo have you tested and Links to them?  I'd like to see

Make/Link      mah   Cells    Flight time


I am about to order some new batteries to try to get my hex airborne for my drone maiden flight :)


I have a hexa with 12x4,5 and 850Kv motors. APM 2.0 (have not had time to assemble before now...)


Since you are flying 5000mAh 3S (35-70C witghts in at 409g) with no problem, I should be able to fly a 5000mAh 4S (35-70C witghts in at 531g)?? This due to the two extra motors I have, so I should theoretically be able to lift 50% more then you can with a quad.


Is it a good idea to go for a 4S over a 3S battery? The more the better?


20 amp * 6 = 120 amp max power consumption.

If I then divide 120A by 5Ah to get the minimum C, I should get 24 C as an absolute minimum?

So if I go for this (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/uh_viewItem.asp?idProduct=...) I should be OK?

Hi Andrew,

Any updates on your experience with the 5000mAh battery for the 3DR Quad?

What flight times do you get with this battery?

Its a shame the flight times for quads are so low. I wish they could fly much longer!

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