I want to measure the voltage on my battery with the ArduPilot. I followed the instructions in the manual. I soldered a wire from the conductor noted in the manual, to the positive terminal of my battery connection. When I start everything up my battery level still shows 0.00. If anyone has a solution I would appreciate it. I have included pictures of my setup.

Just to note, I switched power selection from SVRO to BATT on the solder joint. I don't know if this affecting my reading.


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Austin, that looks like a V1 shield. I'm not sure if the voltage monitor was on the V1 shield.

Otherwise the wiring looks okay (other than using red wire for both postive and negative, which is just asking for trouble!)
Thanks I'll just wait to upgrade to V2.

Don't worry I have Red and Black for Power, TX is Red with a yellow piece of tape on it.
Just checking one more thing: you did turn this line on in the config file, yes?

No i didn't, now I did, and it is working.

Now if only you could tell me how to fix FedEx's shipping delay

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