I am trying to get into the whole drone scene and just want to see if anybody here has any suggestions for a good place to star.I want to build a drone that can hold a gopro or something similar mostly for taking nice stable shots, I dont mean anything super great but it would be nice to maybe use it for my high school film class and make some of my own stuff on the side so 720p or 1080p. Does anyone have any good links on where I can learn more about the whole idea of building one?  I have watched a few videos already but I am not really sure about how to make sure everything will work together, like a frame and its motors and what type of controller to get. I guess what I need is to be pointed in the right direction if you could. Thanks

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You might do better to buy a SOLO and have an RTF quad stable enough and techy enough to do what you want.  3DR make great stuff and my Hex is based around the Pixhawk as is the SOLO, however, DIY might not be the way to go if you are looking at this platform.  It looks like you might not be able to buy genuine 3DR DIY parts for much longer.  Please take a look at this thread http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/3dr-telemetry-no-longer-supported...

You can buy a plethora of imitation 3DR parts, some will work OOB, some will work with a lot of tinkering and some will just not work at all.  If you go DIY, pick a platform that you can get genuine parts for.  Your wallet will thank you in the long run.



Why not buying 3DR IRIS+ or buy X8 quad kit parts (Legs, Body, Landing) and set it up with Pixhawk by ardupilot wiki and load parameters?

I am happy that I bought RTF IRIS+ so that I could get into drones in no time and then decide which build is best for me. But buying IRIS+ is the way of knowing things from practice. When you buy parts, you only know the theory and through a lot of time and nerves building yourself. 

My goals where the same, but know it changed to building only FPV racing drones, not bigger ;) 

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