Benewake product free evaluation activity

1Who can participate

Developers and engineers of drone and robotics


2Evaluation requirement

  1. Experience in using Benewake LiDAR is preferred
  2. Development hardware and platform, such as drone, robotics and TTL-USB board
  • Experience in video and document editing, need to share video or blog on YouTube and website respectively about the usage, performance testing, application development etc. The title needs to include the following keywords: Benewake, TFmini-S/TF02-Pro. The website of Benewake( needs to be attached under video in the description section or in blog
  1. Development, evaluation and video editing should be completed within 4 weeks after receiving the product, the video needs to be reviewed by Benewake before release.


3Product release rules

  1. Amount:100pcs TFmini-S and 30pcs TF02-Procable available, no TTL-USB board
  2. Top 20 applicants can get both TFmini-S and TF02-Pro, free of shipping charges
  • 21~30 applicants can choose from TFmini-S or TF02-Pro, applicants need to bear the freight of DHL
  1. 31~100 applicants can get random product, the freight of DHL will be paid by the applicants


4Registration: Send your information to

Email subjectBenewake free evaluation activity registration

  1. Name, Address, Phone, Company name(optional)
  2. Development cases and toolsthe case of using LiDAR, development tools (robots and drone, etc.), videos of development case.
  • Product for evaluation: TFmini-S / TF02-Pro or both.
  1. I promise to complete the test within 4 weeks and send the test report, videos and other materials to Benewake for review before public release.



Video clicks on YouTube (deadline: 06/30/2020): No.1 $500, No.2 $300, No.3 $150

Blog clicks on any website (deadline: 06/30/2020): No.1 $500, No.2 $300, No.3 $150

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