I am new member in the X-UAV Talon club, I have just received my Talon with the extension wing.

I'm working to put the right combination of motors, prop and batteries: 

I am looking to have the maximum flight duration over 90 minutes. 

The weight of my FPV gear with all antennas, cables, cameras is around 750g.

The weight of the talon + motors + ESC + servo is around 1400g, So the total weight without the batteries is around 2150g

Regarding the battery, I can use multiple options based on motors and prop:

Multistar Battery Weights:

3S 5200 mAh is 325g. 
4S 5200 mAh is  433g.

Option1: 3S configuration 2 parallel batteries => 3S 10,400 mAh: 650g. Total flight weight 2,800g

Option 2: 6S configuration, 2 series batteries => 6S 5,200 mAh: 650g, Total flight weight 2,800g

Option 3: 4S configuration, 2 parallel battery => 4S 10,400 mAh: 866g.Total Flight weight: 3,016 g

Option 4:  3S configuration 4 parallel batteries => 3S 20,800 mAh: 1300g. Total flight weight 3,450g

Option 5:  6S configuration 2 parallel + 2 series  => 6S 10,400 mAh: 1300g.Total flight weight 3,450g.

What motors and prop should we use with every option, and what flight duration will we get?

I have those motors: but I can buy others if needed:  

Motor 1: OSMG9530  http://www.osengines.com/motors/motors/motor-specifications.pdf
 (.30 Size)
Rotor Diameter (mm): 38
Magnet Length (mm): 25
kV: 750
Watts: 590
Weight (oz/g): 6.7 (190)

Motor 2: Jamara E-Motor Magnum A2820/6


Specifications  Revolutions / v : 1000 
Internal resistance : 59mOhm
Idle current: 2.0A
Max A: 37A / 60S
Shaft Diameter : 4.00mm
Output: 550-Watts
NiMH Battery : 8 ~ 14
LiPo Battery : 3 ~ 5
Propeller NiMH: 11x8 Propeller LiPo : 3xLiPo 11x6 / 10x7 4xLiPo
Application: 1000-2500g

Motor 3: Emax BL2826/06: http://www.toysonics.com/emax-bl2826-06-950rpm-v-outrunner-brushles...


  • New Emax BL2826/06 950Rpm/V Outrunner Brushless Motor

  • Model: BL2826/06

  • No. Of cells: 3-4 Li-Poly

  • RPM/V: 950

  • Max. efficiency: 86%

  • Max. efficiency current: 20- 30 A (>78%)

  • No load current / 10V: 2.1 A

  • Current capacity 61 A/60s

  • Dimensions: 30x26 mm

  • Shaft diameter: 5 mm

  • Weight: 182 g/6.41 oz

  • Recommended model weight: 2-3.2 kg

  • Recommended prop without gearbox: 13*8; 12*8


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  • Hey guys, I keep trying to load earlier replies to this thread but for some reason it only shows me the last 5-6 responses. Do you have any updates on the best motor/ battery/ prop combo? I've been flying a mini talon for about a year now and I just recently picked up a full size talon. I'm hoping to balance extended flights with enough torque to make take offs painless. Any thoughts?
  • Hi Michael,

    My Talon with wing extensions has a 3548 900 KV Turnigy motor, 12x8 prop, 12000mAH 3S battery pack, and even no wind hand launch I do standing still.

    I have a APM 2x in it, launch in manual mode, with full up elevator trim.

    I found that the CG is better 10mm to the rear from the markings on the wing.

    Once it is in the air I move the trim back to center.

    Best airspeed for me is 60KM/H, It can easily stay up for 60 minutes

    • Thanks. So a 12x 8 prop should be fine on the turnigy 3548 1050kv.
      • Yeah, that is my call, on a 3S pack you will be drawing 7 to 9 Amps @ 60 Km/h airspeed.

        Not too sure what you have in the nose, I had to put 3x 4000 or 5000 mA/h 3S packs to get the CG right.

        Most of my build pictures are here somewhere on the forum.

        (And other nonsense I might have written !)

        So @ total 15000 mA/h, drawing 10 Amp, a perfect world gives me 1.5 hours.

        This is @ 200m ASL.

        As I mentioned, running my build through eCalc gives me nowhere near what I have proven in the real world.

        Full throttle hand launch takes about 20 Amp, cruise @ 60 Km/h just below half throttle.

        Flying in Auto varies 7 to 9 Amp.

        I don't fly commercial, and lost my field a while back, but soon will be in the game again :-)

    • MR60

      Hi Gustav,

      Maybe you can help advise a good motor for the following setup:

      -I have flown a Talon with a T Motor 3510-700Kv on 4S, 13x8 Graupner propeller : fine up to 3.5Kg for taking off with no Wind. This motor config provides a maximum thrust of 1700 grams.

      -Issue : the weight of the plane is now 4.5Kg (more payload) and it does not take off without Wind (it takes off fine with Wind). I concluded that this motor config is a bit too weak for taking off 4.5Kg (although I have the wing extensions)

      -So I'd like to find a good motor providing more thrust (than the current max of 1700g), probably a thrust required of 2.2 Kg.

      -I was thinking about the Cobra 3520/12 but it is not available in Europe.

      Do you know of a similar spec'd motor that can be purcahsed in Europe ?


      • Hi Hugues,

        I'm no expert on electric motors, and I don't like eCalc either :-)

        As I posted earlier, my setup works for me, but then, I only fly with two GoPro's

        I use Turnigy motors and 3S packs, that way all 12V cameras and other electronics etc. can run directly off the flight batteries, if I choose to fit such.

        If I were you, I would fit a 3548 1100 Kv motor, 13x8 eFlight prop, and 3S packs.

        Your 3510 700Kv motor sounds a bit weak for payload, even on 4S packs.


        This one with 3S should run at about 500-600 W, depending on propeller size, should put you in the correct "watts per pound" rating.

        I normally work on 100 Watts per pound of aircraft......

        • MR60

          thx for the advice. Will take a look at this motor and test it.

          Indeed my 3510 700Kv + 13" props  is perfect for endurance (we fly easily 90 min with LI-Ion self made pack 4S 23800mah) for a 4.5Kg total, but not so good for taking off.

          • Well, then you are already doing better than me.........Almost :-)

            I can probably do that with 15000mAh 3S, old 3548 900 Kv motor, two GoPro's, 12x8 prop, and it launches easily in no wind......

            What speed are you flying at?

            With 23000mAh you should easily do 120 minutes !

            Like quad copters, you get to a point of diminishing returns regarding batteries and weight.

            On my 3DR quad, 2200 mAh, I get 10 minutes, and a very hot battery.

            4000mAh, 15 minutes, cool battery.

            8000mAh, 18 minutes, cold battery.

            Go figure.........

            I hope to restart my Talon flying this weekend ! As I mentioned, all my built specs and weights are somewhere here.........

            • MR60

              We try to fly around 40-50km/h as the goal is filming animals with infrared camera and shot with a Sony bridge camera. So we do not want to fly fast.

              I also wish to get flying again but need to get the new motor...

              Good luck for next weekend!

  • Hi Dave,

    I am planning to start a Talon UAV Project and try to obey your advice above.

    My configuration is:

    - Sunnysky 3508 580KV

    - APC 12x8 and Turnigy Wood 12x8

    - 4S 5000mAh x 2


    But, I have a confusion about ESC selection.

    In the description of Sunnysky motor, it says “25A max continuous current”.

    But in this forum, everybody is talking about 80A, 100A esc.

    I wonder why?

    I think ZTW Spider 40A opto is enough, isn’t it?

    Which esc you can advise for this Sunnysky?


This reply was deleted.


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