Best Gimbal for a SX260HS or a Nex 5N Camera (orthographic pictures)

Hey guys,

I've got two cameras, a Canon SX260HS and a Sony Nex N.

I would like to use one of them in my next multirotor and I'm looking for a gimbal.

I want to use the multirotor for GIS purposes, so the gimbal must be able to be pointed straight to the ground (orthographic pictures).

I don't mind to be able to move the gimbal during my flight, I just want the camera to be stabilized without any vibration.

Do you have any idea which gimbal could be the best one regarding my needs ?

By the way, could someone explain me the differences between :

* Brushless Gimbals

* 2 axis gimbal

* 3 axis gimbal

* ...



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What's the best way to hard mount a camera facing down on the bottom of your copter? I really only want two plates, with dampeners in between them. Is there anywhere that sells these plates for a camera? I don't have access to a 3D printer or machine shop.


Whats the best way to mount a camera on a copter facing straight down? Where could I source the mounting plates from?

I have mine hanging by tie-reps really from the battery compartment. I don't use a gimbal myself, but know that others are using them. The downside of not having a gimbal is that if you have strong winds, your angle is a bit off from the survey area, so you need to adjust for that considering the wind direction.

If you're worried about vibrations, kitchen sponges work really well.

This is my lipo holder:

The screws on the side protrude just a little bit, so I have the camera transverse on this holder (the lipo cable points out back). I always use the camera with top side (where the switch button is) forward, because this reduces the number of lanes you need to do laterally.

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