Looking to get into aerial photography and am fairly new to R/C. I have been flying a micro for a little while now and have it downpat. I'd like to offer very simple services and need something stable and not overly complex(such as $3000 gimbles and such. My price range is around $1k not including cameras. Right now I'm considering this hexacopter http://store.diydrones.com/3DR_ArduCopter_Hexa_B_Electronics_Kit_p/... as I'd have no problem with assembly(I think). I would like to use FPV via the GoPro's out to a receiver on a laptop or goggles. I'm thinking something that take pictures of real estate and other low altitude stuff. I already know FAA's stance on this.


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The DIYDRONES / 3DR products are great for mapping. I would recommend staying away from a GoPro style camera if you are interested in doing photogrammetry missions.

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