Hi all,

I am designing a small 6-DOF IMU with digital outputs that uses the newest MEMs devices on the market (some of which haven't been released yet) to keep the footprint small and the cost low. I'm hoping to make a bunch of them and sell them at low margins so that DIY'ers like us can afford to tinker without breaking the bank. If they sell well enough, I'll be able to keep the cost on the order of $100 for the full 6-DOF with digital outputs. :-)

If you had the choice, what do you all think the "best" pinout would be?

My current design has two .1" headers mounted on opposite ends of the board, so that prototyping and mounting is easy.

Alternatively, I could add mounting holes, and then put little shrouded headers that you'd plug into; then, you wouldn't have to mount the IMU on a PCB - you could put it anywhere on the airframe.

Another option would be to use low-profile board-to-board connectors, but they wouldn't be easy to use (have really fine pitch).

What do you think?

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Nice to hear this, IDG give consistent flight performance using nitro airplane (has vibration issue), while lisy is quite inconsistent. I even have to use toilet paper for vibration damper when using the lisy IMU.
Hopefully the LPR and LY series gyros from ST have a higher resonant frequency...
oops ,first time I have heard about vibration issues with ST gyro, Unfortunately I have just bought 5 of LPR in digikey,the old gyro from ST has bandwidth of 80Hz , the LPR has 140Hz so I think there some improvement and hopefully they have higher resonant frequency. I will design my own IMU using ST gyro anyway :)
just take a look at Invensense website and find out they introduce new IMU 6-dof name IHU-500 and IHU-650
This sounds great in 7x7mm package but not sure when they will release it to market. Any idea about this product?
This is not really new - it is already on their site for several months :) ... and still not released, apparently they have some serious issues
For anyone who cares, I wrote some software so that the IMU data can be plotted on a PC in real-time. I uploaded a video to YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UaGedsFiYN4

It demonstrates the software and explains some of what you can do with the IMU.
Hi Caleb,

What is the progress with IMU? Is it ready ? :)
Hey Sergey,

It is close. I am finishing up testing and documentation, and I am working out details to outsource assembly. I posted a first-draft datasheet on http://www.chrobotics.com
I am finally finished with the IMU. For anyone who cares, it can be seen at http://www.chrobotics.com.
What development tools were you using with the STM32? Are there free ones available? How about a debugger?
I used the Ride IDE from Raisonance. It is free, and it uses an ARM gcc toolchain. To conserve space, I didn't route out the debugger pins. Programming is performed over the UART.
How do you initially get the bootloader on there which can load the program thru the UART? What sort of hardware did you use during development? Did you have a debugger with which you could step thru the code on the processor? Did it use JTAG?
I'm in the process of selecting a processor for my own imu/autopilot project, and the availability of free development tools and cheap in-circuit debuggers and programming equipment will certainly influence my decision.

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