I see arducopter has two possible tri-copter options; which is best? And what does it mean when the second option "doesnt need a code change"?

It's for a small 300mm foldable - the HK trifecta to be specific.

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Nobody knows?

Kinda need to know now - mainly because on power on, my tilt servo centres, but does nothing when you boot it all up. Swapped it with motor4, and the servo responds correctly.


Where are you taking the quote from? I'm only aware of one "Tri-Copter" configuration. There are two Y6 variations "A" and "B". But from reading some of your other posts it seems clear you are already aware of that.


Nathnaiel ~KD2DEY


I used the original version (without the quotes what you referred) for years on my tricopter, I mean only CCW props on motors. It generates a little torque around yaw axis but tail servo can compansate it, it flew prefectly in Stabilize and Loiter, too.



If you go to the official page, and look at the motor layouts, you can see there are two tricopter iterations.


The one just uses an opposite direction prop, either works fine as the tail rotor will offset the torque.

Euan, why don' t you try both and let us know ?

IMHO the one with opposite prop will have a bit less torque.

Let us know

I prefer the arrangement with the two opposing props. There will be less torque the tail rotor needs to compensate for. And if you are using an RCExplorer type servo/motor hinge, they often have limited travel before they hit their stops. I'd rather not use this limited travel to have to compensate for torque I can eliminate by using counter rotating props.

Yes, I understood it and the left one was used on my tricopter for years without any problem.

This is the one I've gone for.

There's something faintly disturbing about a multirotor that has all its props turning the same way...:-)


I wonder why APM:Copter does not support Y6 with one arm forward and 2 arm backward like a reverse Y. Such configuration may result in less drag than Y.

Built it...a problem with the servo not returning to centre needs fixed before maiden. Oh, and the FPV wired in. A very tight fit for everything.

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