Hey guys, whats the best way to power the APM/Pixhawk.

Ive been running all my APMs off the ESC BEC but have read and heard alotof bad storys regarding brownouts.

My question is, is it best to use a dedicated BEC? Also, to power from both input and output rails or one not both?

I have just completed a beautiful build, put all my time, effort and hard earned money into it and would hate to have it fall out of the sky from a brownout. I need a 100% guaranteed way that my APM will NO brownout.

Any input greatly appreciated.

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Hi Dean

3DR recommends the dedicated power module

And there has been some talk wether to use multible linear BEC for redundancy (german forums) lately. but the use of parallel bec is a hot topic! THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION! just a possible solution which would need a lot of reading and testing on power regulating systems and bec's. if you don't want to do that, take the official wiki way!!!

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