I need to build a multicopter as a project that would give me long endurance flying.40-60 minutes if possible and need some opinions so i can consider my best choice as to what frame i need to build. And what size ? Is there perhaps a template i could follow.

From my own experience i know bigger blades will give me the best endurance at lower rpm, but only if the weight, motors and esc's is all within range.

My question is, given the equipment i will be using below, what size multicopter should i build, i was told that an H frame will be preffered by the person that gave me this project, however i know an X frame is more rigid, can i do this with an H frame ?

Now the other requirement is that i build it from readily available material as this multicopter will be used in areas Far from any LHS that could supply "bling parts" such as carbon rods. So

I was thinking PVC, Aluminium or a Wooden frame, given the equipment below, what should do you think i should do ?

And also what batteries will give me the best range.

I see the camera can be fitted without a gimble according to it's manufacturer

My equipment is as follows:

4 X 40A ESC’s

4 X 17.5 inch Martin folding carbon fibre props.

4 X 4008 380kv Martin brushless motors


Dragonlink Video data link

Slantrange camera with it's bracket.

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