Does anyone have a 3D model of a Bixler or Bixler-like airframe?  Or maybe just the front of the fuselage? 

I wand to model some Add-ons for it like maybe a Go-Pro holder and other snap in accessories for my planes and them have them printed or laser cut.  I intend to make them form myself but I would happily share the designes if others wanted the add-on too.

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Okidoke, got the top down and side views sorted,
Will be able to get the front view once I have made the 3D model,


Looks good!

I checked file export formats and seems that we are able to open Max/Maya files in Solidworks at least .iges format or .stl. Does your program allow designing as solid model or it it surface model?


I checked Solidworks forum topics and there were one advertisement for bidirectional converter. I paste it here just in case if it is needed later.

I will check for some exporter plugins for that format, And I will also include multiple formats in a zip file and you can have a play out and see what will import =]

It can do both, however I do like my solid polygons. specially for saving memory! 
I will more than likely stick to this method as I am still a bit rusty at Surface modeling

Hello for a long time.

Are here someone still interested in for pocket camera camera mount for Bixler? I have done some versions without 3D model for Olympus Tough TG-320. Currently camera is static facing front or side but mount version 2 with PAN function is almost ready. Plane and some images could be seen at my friend blog: Scroll all the way to 13.3 and you'll see it.

On version 3 camera stands on reinforced servo. This version is designed with Solidworks. Version 1 you see in image is scanned before assembly if someone like to use it. 

If someone is interested to participate, please let me know. 


I made one.

It doesn't give details to the internals, but the outside should be very accurate

That's cool! Blender seems to be very powerful tool in professional hands. I have done mechatronical engineering over ten years and most of it in 3D (Solidworks, Pro/e, Inventor) but I have never seen that artistic side of 3D modeling you represented. Thanks!

Does Blender offer change to convert model as Neutral 3D format such .stl, .iges, step, Parasolid?

I have achieved what I was original tryingto but still I'm willing to continue for Solid 3d model. I have cockpit area modeled quite accurately and it might be possible to extract from your model if I am able open it in Solidworks. Then model should be uploaded to Grabcad. There might be someone who would like to model further.

Yes, these is actually a STL in the download Zip.

Accuracy of the measurements probably should be checked, I had to use these "blender units" and make everything relatively sized. Probably just scaling the model on one axis would fix this.

I had a look at conventional CAD program's (like the ones you mentioned) but $$$.
So for me, blender was a good (free, open source) choice, but does lack in some places because its not really meant to be a serious CAD program.

Nice one Chris!

Got that busy with work haven't had chance to finish it!
Impressive =]

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