Hi all,

i have been testing my BMP085 pressure sensor on the shield. And im wondering if it can be calibrated. It seems to me that when it is 20 degrees celsius in the room the sensor will output 25 degrees celsius.

Im using the library from the arducopter/ardupilot. And just run an simple loop to retrieve pressure and temperture. And it seems there is always an difference off 5 degrees higher. Pressure seems to be okay for this neighbourhood.

Any one else seen this same behaviour?



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Even though this thread is now dead, I thought I 'd answer for the sake of future reference and completeness.

Yes, I experience the same behaviour. I accredit it to the sensor operation and heat-up. Indeed, with a quick-startup and measurement, the returned temperature is the same as the ambient, but then it gradually increases by at about 5 degrees in the next few minutes.

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