Brand New 3DR APM 2.6 arrived not functioning. MP says "no communication"

Just got a brand new APM 2.6.

It won't connect to terminal, initial setup/firmware install, or Mav link in Flight Data in latest MP. (updated today)

My com port sees the Mega 2560, but "no connection" anywhere.

When I first click connect in terminal, the blue led on the APM at "outputs" flashes 6 times, then goes out.

The green 'alive' led is solid, and the orange leds are on flashing at high freq.

But, no connection.

I've tried other computers, other cables... nothing.

My Hexa APM 2.5 connects perfectly to MP and works 100%.

I've emailed 3DR but, "We'll get back to you in XX days"

Anything I missed? 

Thoughts or comments before I go through the 'return' process?


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waw!you freak me out!i just bought it yesterday and not yet connect it.


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