I have a goal to fly the arducopter higher than the current tallest structure 829.8 metres and record the flight. I intend on doing this on a calm day but expect winds at high alt. I do not know what speed to expect. Has anyone brought you copter to a high alt of this value and any learnings i can take?



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that's is the receiver wire at least one of them. Props are 11X47. Not sure about reducing the descent as i need to get back before the battery dies....

I've been @1740m with my APM2.5 quad and battery wise it can go approx to 2,5km altitude, but i'd have to upgrade FPV antenna. I certanly wouldn't try this in urban envoirment...


I guess the key to getting higher up is to increase the ascent speed to max possible. Coming down any faster will be difficult but going up should be a breeze.

that is very nice - what size battery do you use and how much was left at the end of this flight?

I have 5,8Ah 4S battery, approx 3,3Ah was used during that flight.

I launched mt 3D Robotics Hexa-C copter last week up in the mountains of Virginia and conducted a high speed vertical run for what appeared to be 15-20 seconds in Stablized mode.  I was able to see it the entire time and hadn't considered just how high I went until I started my decent.  It took a considerable amount of time to bring it down due to not wanting it to flip on descent.  I worked my throttle back from roughtly 45% to a minium of about 10% to keep the props turning and still maintaining stability.  At one point the copter began to wobble and I had to ramp up RPMs to bring it back to level while descending.  I strong discourage anyone not willing to accept risks of flipping and crashing your UAV by maintaining a mimium RPM on your UAV.


My Hexa was equipped with Telemetry, a 5000 maH Lipo, and Gimbal Stablized Hero 2 camera which recorded the entire run.  At present due to weight increase to my factory setup, my Lipo on normal flight runs for 8-9 minutes.  I did run into a issue with my Quanum Battery Telemetry monitor, I lost signal with the copter's battery somewhere at 150 meters as the copter ran up to 650 meters AGL vertical assent so I am unable to assess how many milli-ampre it took to get to that altitude.  I was able to successfully bring it back down and land it, but I forgot to reconnect the battery telemetry to see how much was consumed.


Hope this helps. I have telemetry logs,KMZ file, and video I plan to share later when I get back home from work.  Will post for those who are interested.

im interested - share the data!

looking at your video you got a whole lot higher in roughly the same amount of time as me. i wonder is it you descent speed possibly - mine was in auto mode

Here is the logs and KMZ file of my flight.  Unfortunately the video has been accidentally deleted!  :-(  At least you can view the data.

Not sure if you are descending straight down? You might want to avoid direct down descend, this way you avoid prop wash. Try and fly down zig zag flight path down. This way your descend can be extremely fast. Just make sure you never stop the motors from spinning! If the motors stop and start to spin backwards you will not be able to start them again.

Excellent point,  what values would you suggest for waypoint speeds including up down speeds?

There are several Youtube links I recall viewing at 2,800ft which is higher than your goal of 839meters?

At these altitudes you may want to consider flying FPV otherwise you will loose sight of the multicopter above 200meters. You could of course also use a spotter with binoculars but it seems to me that FPV would be the ultimate way to do this? Good luck!

1500 feet:






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