I was remounting my APM 2.0 into a new housing on my quad.  The screws I chose had heads that were a little bigger than the ones I used before.  On the corner of the APM with the A,B,C leds.  Each LED has a component, on the schematic it looks like 1 1K resistor, next to it towards the outside.  When inserting the screw in this corner the head broke that component.  This made the LED non-functional.   The APM still seems to check out okay.  The APM arms and flies.  However, it is now extremely "twitchy" in flight.  It was extremely stable before.  The throttle also seems to rise and fall with no input from the TX.  This did not happen before.  All configuration settings remain the same.  I've done an erase and reset and then put the settings back to the same as they were. Could the broken component be the cause of the problems?

One other thing. The new housing, a plastic, blank CD holder,  makes it difficult to tell if the APM is directly aligned with the front of the quad.  I'm in X configuration.  Would a misaligned APM be a more likely source of the new problems?


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Here is a picture


Update.   I realigned the APM and flew a test flight.  I only had a couple of minutes battery left but the twitching seemed to be gone.

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