I have the brushless gimbal and controller (Martinez) from RCTimer. The gimbal is controlled by its own 1800mah 3S Lipo. I would like to be able to control the gimbal's pitch, so I connected a servo cable going from Ch. 7 on my Rx to the appropriate input pins on the gimbal controller. When I powered the gimbal, I was surprised to see that it also powered the APM. Naturally, not being an electrical engineer, that made me hesitant to connect the primary Lipo that usually powers the APM.

Am I missing something? Would it be safe to have both batteries connected at the same time if both appear to be providing power to the APM? If not, how do I connect my gimbal to my Rx without it also powering the APM?

edit: FWIW, I do have the APM power module piece between the APM and the primary Lipo, but I don't think that that would somehow make it "okay" to have two sources seemingly providing power to the APM.

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Just don't connect the 5V line between the gimbal and rx, just ground and signal. (I have the same gimbal controller but I haven't flown it yet).

Duh! I should have known that...thanks!

So far I've been pleased with the gimbal and controller. I tried it out for the first time over the Memorial Day weekend using the default values and was happy with the results.

Thanks again for the help.

Hello Daniel,

I'm looking for a solution with my APM to use a brushless gimbal.

I need to tell my gimbal to see at an exact point even if my quad is moving.

I can do that using the APM gimbal (but working with servos :'(     )

Have you tried to connect the APM RC9 and RC10 (for the gimbal servos) to your Martinez board ?

Does it work ?


ps : nice video, nice place, nice family !

Daniel.  I have just purchased a brushless gimbal kit RCTIMER ASP 2-Axis Nex-GH5 Series Brushless Gimbal from UAVObjects.  I am not confident I have soldered up the motors in the correct wiring order or that I understand how to wire it to the APM 2.9.  

- Does any one have a wiring layout so I know what color wire to solder to which brushless motor input?  

- Do I actually need the Martinez gimbal controller or can I power/control the Gimbal motors right off the APM?

- Can I pull power off the 3S batteries powering the 3DR APM and lifet motors, or so I need a separate battery just for the Gimbal?

- Which pins on the Martinez analog inputs are signal, plus and minus?

Any help would be appreciated!

James, I realise I'm a month late, and you've probably already got it working by now. But for anyone who is reading this with the same questions:

- Any wire from the motors can go to any output pin (as long as all pitch wires go to pitch pins, and all roll wires to roll pins). If the motor is running the wrong way, simply swap any two wires.

- Yes you need the control board. Brushless gimbals don't work like normal servo gimbals. APM has a built in serco gimbal controller, but a brushless gimbal must have an IMU attached to the camera itself, and it is also controlled completely differently to a servo. You can't just replace a servo with a brushless motor.

- you can power everything off the same battery if you'd like. The Martinez controller runs off 2-4S.

- The pins on the inside of the board are PWM signal, middle is 5V and the outside pins are ground


Thanks man. Did figure it out mostly and now have a lovely gimbal mounted to my new X8 from 3drobotics.  Now all I have to do is learn to fly the thing. LOL  Finding the tuning process daunting unlike my DJI Phantom which practically flies itself.  Bought RTF but NOT.

Any experts who can talk me through the setup? Gone through two motors and 8 props already.  Would love a mode like GPS on DJI stuff. Tough learning curve, no support from 3D Robotics.

Mmm, I haven't yet heard anyone complimentary of 3DR's service.
Gosh, I've gone through countless props but I've been lucky enough never to ruin a motor.

Ardupilot as a similar function to Naza's GPS mode, and better, it has RTL. You have to set them up though. I'm happy to help. What setup ate you running? Frame, motors, props? Most importantly, what radio are you using?

I have the 3DR X8. I am using the Spectrum DX8.  I have spent a lot of time studying the multiple modes settings.  I am looking for one that simply parks the X8 in space reliably without constant throttle, pitch and roll adjustments.  This is easy with the Phantom.  Then I can start work on more flight control.  Right now loiter is useless because the copter immediately starts to gain altitude and won't stop whenever I go to loiter.  Also flight times with the batteries shipped are very short and towards then end of a flight the X8 loses power and drops like a stone. One battery has already died after tow flights. The phantom has a clear LED warning on low battery and lands itself automatically.

I need to have a method for tuning the PIDs and handheld is out of the question for the X8.

Hi guys,
Does the IMU get connected to the bottom part of the camera holder on the gimbal or on the bottom of the camera itself before mounting?


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