Short story...

   MP kept coming up on a non-existant 2nd monitor when I switched monitor setups.

Long story...

   I switched computers from a dual monitor setup to a single monitor.  I had switched setups and computers by cloning the hard drive to get another computer up and running.  After the switch MP wouldn't load.  I uninstalled MP and reinstalled the latest version.  MP wanted to use the non-existent 2nd monitor.  I tried right clicking on the bottom bar, hitting move, and dragging it over (that usually works), but to no avail.


   I ended up editing C:\Program Files\APM Planner\config.xml and setting <MainLocX> and <MainLocY> to zero.  That worked!

   I'm not sure how to fix this bug, but at least a search will hopefully find this workaround.

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had the same problem and had to drag it off the second monitor each time before closing so i could use it on a single monitor

I was wondering if anyone ever read this thread.  Apparently the MP uninstall doesn't work properly and leaves settings behind.  I'm sure that will lead to other problems in the future.

This bug could also really screw up someone who's not a computer expert.  Hopefully this thread is enough to help for the time being.

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