Hi all!

I´ve seen enough photos of people having cut themselves with their copters, to start thinking about building a fully protected multicopter.

Having searched for something similar, I found the safeflight copter, which is not produced any longer.

Reading about flight times and concerning the additional weight, I realised that it would not be an easy task, to build a multicopter, that has acceptable flight times (more than 10 minutes) and still is agile enough to have fun AND small enough or with easy disassembling, to be transported.

Additionally, I thought about giving it a good look with a kind of thermoformed housing.

Has anyone ever made a really safe housing (like the safeflight copter)?

I found some woven thread used to catch big fish, while fishing. It´s a half millimeter thick and holds about 40 kilos. That might be suitable for adding a netting over the copter, so nobody can stick their fingers into the housing of the props.

What´s really annoying, is that I have absolutely no idea of how to add that netting on the housing of the props. Glue? Weaving like in a badminton rack? It should be removable, since you have to change the props from time to time.

For the housing itself, I have made some styrofoam circles, but they seem to be to brittle to withstand a small crash. I thought about having a small layer of glass fibre added around them.

Whatever I think about, adds a lot of weight to the copter, so I thought about setups, that would suit my needs.

But I´m not sure, wether to build an Y6 or X8 copter with 10 inch props or simply a quadcopter with 15 inch props, trying to make the housing of the props as lightweight as possible.

Discussion and comments are welcome and higly appreciated!

Thank you,


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Forget that idea. I´ve ordered some and they are not very stable. Won´t work.

Hi J Smith.

Thank you for your answer. Reading about a real solution you have in mind, I got very curious, what that might be. I hope you find a way to get that on the market soon.

For now, I´m going to add some of the following:


Not the perfect solution, but better than nothing, as long as I still need some more flight training.

I´ve had some mail contact with the guys from Dronewerx concerning the PG-Y6

Here´s the link:


The frame is not yet available and since its made from carbon fibre, I think it´s going to be expensive.

Your post about the "real solutions" makes my head work already and I hope, I can sleep tonight :-)

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