Good day everyone. I am planning to build a quadcopter to be used for image processing. This is for my undergraduate thesis research. This is my first time to build a UAV and I have many questions. I hope that you can help me to build it.

I will fabricate the chassis by using aluminum parts and two 10 in. x 10 in. PCB board for the central plate. The length of the arms of the quad will be at 30 in.

For the ESC:

For the motor, I already have bought a 1300kV brushless motor and a 935kV motor but I don't know what to use. These are the motors: (935kV) (1300kV)

A 10 x 4.5 propeller will be used.

For the battery: (11.1 V 4500mAH 30C)

I will be using APM 2.5, 3DR Telemetry Kit and MinimOSD for the electronics.

Having these settings, what is the estimated max altitude that I can reach and how long will be the max flight time of the quad?


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How is your project coming?  I have similar ambitions - autonomous navigation via monocular vision and onboard processing (thinking about using a Raspberry Pi's GPU for image processes)


Good day Dan,

I have just finished building my chassis and my order on the APM 2.5 is still being processed by the store. I'm hoping to finish the project by first week of January. So you'll be using two microcontroller for your quad? APM and Raspberry Pi? I still haven't tried programming Raspberry Pi but I think it will be enough for your onboard image processing.

On my project, I will not be using onboard image processing. The APM will be responsible for the control of the quad, as well as the data logging and image/video transmission feed to a laptop. The images/videos that will be fed to the laptop will be stored and will undergo image processing in a program that I have made. 

hi john,

      i am siddu from india doing my U.G,i am also doing a quadcopter for my main project

it will be much helpfull if you suggest me in building it. as i have only 2months to build it i need 

your help.

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