I am working right now on Designing and building a ground control station for smaller rc type UAVs.  It will be a handheld device with a video screen to downlink the video feed from the plane.  There will also be a joystick to control the movement of a pan/tilt system on the plane.  I have been looking on the internet and there doesnt seem to be anything like this on the market. I wanted to get some input on different things you guys may like to see on this type of controller and if its something that could be sold to UAV enthusiasts.  The screen will be used with a OSD system to get the telemetry data and I was planning on having a battery status meter on there as well.  Everything will be contained in a custom built case that houses the screen, battery, transmitter, and video reciever.


The attached photo is the only real representation I could find on a direction that Im thinking of going.


Thanks for reading and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated



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At first the aim would be to control the P/T system and also the UAV through one device.  Once this has been built and tested I would like to add more robust hardware and software to allow for people to input their own telemetry GCS.  I am just looking for as many ideas now so that I can plan to add many of these things later on.

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