I am attempting to build the mavlink library in a scilab block to run SITL.

When scilab compiles, it only finds the mavlnk headers if I name the absolute directory.  Changing the working directory does not help.  I have run out of ideas.

Has anyone tried this?

Does anyone know if it is possible?

Setup: Win7 64bit, 64bit scilab, MS visual studio express + necessary add-on compilers.

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I seem to have the include directories fixed, now for the next problem:

Compiler gives error on the following code:

!C:\mav\MatrixPilot-Software\MatrixPilot_fbw\mavlink\include\inttypes.h(28) : er!
! ror C2143: syntax error : missing ')' before '(' !
! !
!C:\mav\MatrixPilot-Software\MatrixPilot_fbw\mavlink\include\inttypes.h(28) : er!
! ror C2143: syntax error : missing ')' before '(' !
! !
!C:\mav\MatrixPilot-Software\MatrixPilot_fbw\mavlink\include\inttypes.h(28) : er!
! ror C2091: function returns function !

typedef int __attribute__((__mode__(QI))) int8_t;
typedef int __attribute__((__mode__(HI))) int16_t;
typedef int __attribute__((__mode__(SI))) int32_t;
typedef int __attribute__((__mode__(DI))) int64_t;

typedef unsigned int __attribute__((__mode__(QI))) uint8_t;
typedef unsigned int __attribute__((__mode__(HI))) uint16_t;
typedef unsigned int __attribute__((__mode__(SI))) uint32_t;
typedef unsigned int __attribute__((__mode__(DI))) uint64_t;

Too many problems with MSVC compiler.  Making the move back to 32bit LCC, mingw or gcc.

Correction, LCC, and mingw compilers also a mysetery.  Moved to MSVC 32bit and have success.

Now I just need to get bytes into the mavlink parser.  Shouldn't be a problem......

Did u compile and configure mavlink libraries in MSVC??

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