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I'm new to these sort of projects, and I'm trying to prepare all the components I need to build a hexacopter. I'm looking to buy the jD-Simplex Hexa (RTF) from jDrones, with the upgraded motors, ESCs, and the 12x45 props. I'm also planning on purchasing the radio set with it. However, I'm in a dilemma about the battery I should get and what the flight time will be. I've read almost everything I can about how to select a battery and how to calculate the flight time.

With the upgraded motors and ESCs, I'm thinking I need a 8000 mAh 3S1P 30C battery, because  8 Ah * 30C = 240 A, and the ESCs run on 30 A (so 30*6=180). Can someone clarify this selection for me?

Also, if I calculated correctly, this copter at 75% throttle will have about 4.5 minutes of flight (with the 8000 mAh battery). Does anyone that has experience with this drone have a longer flight time than that?

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Wow interesting sociological experiment here! It would be funny if behind the poster's picture was really a big fat bearded guy, lol.

Good to know that it was helpful. Using this approach you can achieve the flight time at least 20 minutes or even more (up to 25-35 minutes). 

Maxamps have the greatest Wh/kg value (around 180-190), but they are quite expensive. I prefer Zippy, not much worse, but much cheaper. 

Yes, that's true. Quadcopters are more efficient than hexa. However, this works only if you use big size props. For this kind of optimization it's better to have less number of props with bigger diameter. So, traditional helicopter has the greatest efficiency. However, as long as multicopter is required, then quadcopter is the best. 

and your point is???


Pixhawk can use the same programming as APM. It's just a newer, faster, and has more features, space, etc. 

Also since this is your first please watch this video I put together that shows everything you need to know before taking it airborne. http://youtu.be/lw6an0M_25Q

Point is;if you want fast answers,be a girl in multirotor world..

mmm..... not always :)

Okay Im sure by the members photos and names Ive seen you have more men then women on here. The fact that an apparently very smart woman (who loves Stargate, which is partly why im giving her extra help) Has joined our community is a GOOD THING. Diversity always helps. We also tend to help people with interesting Avatars. So, from sociological standpoint  the fact that shes female works out for more replies for (some) men initially. But her intelligent followup questions is why there are so many replies (mostly). That said there is some part of the brain that has one sex gravitate to the other. The same would be true for a male on a mostly female forum.

So get an interesting avatar and ask intelligent questions if you want allot of help. 

Really I can't say nothing, because I had as much help as I need, and I was recived much better than my expectatives In this men's world, this activity gives me a lot of friends and an unexpected hobby, I agree with you Will about questions, and I have to decide for an Avatar too ;)

Honestly I didn't know if you were male or female. Ive never heard the name before and in global society allot of time names can be interchangeable. either way. to me this (the Net) is OUR world. It just happens that allot of time some of us Geek Bachelors have their room or house filled with electronics to tinker with, so you get allot of males on sites like these. But if we know enough to build a drone it usually means were at least a little educated or smart......and that gladly means were smart enough not to care what gender someone is.

I'm also really happy that with arduino, rasberry pi and others like it you can make ANYTHING. so instead of a bunch of gadgets geared towards men, we have a bunch of parts that anyone can make into gadgets geared toward whatever he/ she desires. So it's geared towards no one and anyone.

I also must admit that I find women interested in electronics and hacking things very attractive for what its worth.

Female, it's a Spanish name, generally in Spanish names finishing with "a" are female and with "o"  are male.

Oh, I did not know that. I like it though. :)

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