Burnt APM problem?? or not quite? (that one is for Chris, Jordi or any other HW expert...)

Hi guys,

some time ago I had a shortcut on my APM, and it stopped working.

here's the current behaviour I'm getting:

with AP+IMU:

  if I plug the power as usual nothing happens, not a single light shows, dead.

  if I plug via the USB cable on the IMU, everything seems to work fine, all lights are on, code loads, MP connects ok, and CLI works.

with only AP board

  if I plug the power as usual:
          red power led lits
          yellow mux blinks rapidly and dimm
          blue PPM blinks rapidly even dimmer

What's the experts opinion???

is there a way I can power the APM from the IMU, as the USB does, I mean what are the pins that power the the APM from the IMU when using the USB?

any other ideas??



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I'm not an expert, but maybe this will help... This reminded me of this page in the manual. It sounds like the dim LED's signify that the APM board i not being powered properly. Maybe the voltage regulator or diode on the APM are not working properly after the board was shorted?

The USB powers the boards with 5V through one of the traces that connects to the USB connector. You can find the pinout for the USB mini B online, try Google for it. Let us know if this works!

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