Hi Folks,

Today I made a bad connection in my hexacopter and I fried the Ardupilot 2.5.2 board. Still trying to figure out what I did because I'm just powering thru the 3DR power module.

A,C & Alive leds are coming up when powered from USB by no communication with the uController. Do you know where can I find the schematics for the 2.5.2 board? I believe what's burnt is a regulator (3v3 powering the uC?). Any ideas?



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Thanks a lot!.

Yes, it seems that's the burnt regulator. Will try to fix it and let you know. (and try to understand what happened :) )

Well, it seems that something more than the regulator if burnt. I changes it and still not booting...

Where's the source code for the ATMEGA32U2? Will try to connect tru an external programmer.

its in the git repository (github.com/diydrones/ardupilot) Tools/ArduPPM
PS check fuse ( the one on the board, not the fuse bits :) ) and diodes. Are the 5 and 3 V supply voltages present?
Regards, Søren

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