Quick question I am ready to cal my ESC’s again. But I do not want to blow it up again. I was thinking of unsoldering SJ1 and powering the board with usb Also I would be able to see the cal with the configurator. Then power the ESC’s and receiver with the battery. When all is done re solder SJ1. Does this sound ok?

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Ok, I think I have it. it might not be the right way but it worked for me. I had to change the following:

#define MIN_THROTTLE 670


if (ch_yaw > 1800) {
motorArmed = 1;
minThrottle = 970;
Thanks, this fixed my problem too. Was frustrated for two weeks. I tried changing this before but not further than 900.
It's in the UserConfig.h header file.

line 68 or so.

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