I have been collecting imagery from a MicaSense RedEdge camera, a multispectral camera made for attaching to sUAS. https://www.micasense.com/rededge/.

This camera also comes with a calibration target that I took pictures of before each of my sUAS flights ,and the calibration target has a laboratory measured reflectance value for each camera band.

However, now I am struggling with how to use the calibration target to convert the DN of the imagery to reflectance value so that the imagery can be compared between different times.  I also have access to information on the date and time of day that the imagery was taken, as well as solar irradiance values for each image. 

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Hello Kelsey. There are a number of articles in our knowledge base that can help. For instance, this one:


Easiest way to get reflectance compensated outputs is using Atlas. Pix4D Mapper will also work using the proper workflow.

Send us an email at support@micasense.com for further info. 



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