First time user setting up Pixhawk.  I bought the Pixhawk, 3dr radio set, & 3DR uBlox GPS with Compass Kit

I'm going through my initial setup and am wondering if I can do the compass and accelerometer calibration in my home.  One my other FC, I have to do the calibration outside so they can get a gps lock.

Sorry for the dumb question, but it's still cold where I live and this is easier down inside if possible.

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Accelerometer calibration is independent of the GPS, however the compass learns the local magnetic "deviation" (needed for compass calibration) from information contained in the GPS satellite downlink.  The magnetic deviation gets stored once it is learned from the GPS.  You can see when this happens by looking at the parameters for example with Mission Planner.  So, I believe you should be able to calibrate the compass indoors by first giving the system some time with good GPS lock (to learn local magnetic deviation), then calibrate your accelerometers and compass indoors without GPS lock.

Sincerely, Nelson Henderson

I wasn't sure so I said the heck with it and went out in the snow with a chair and did the compass outside, just to make sure.

Thank you for the explanation.   I'm just a bit overwhelmed trying to figure everything out with the Pixhawk. Lots of steps and lots of reading.  Wish there was an easier or faster way to figure all this out.    Thanks again.


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