I have recently assembled my first multi-copter.

The next step is to add a camera for aerial photography.  I'm looking for a camera that is light weight, but can also produce some quality imagery.  The Canon S100 looks idea.

Any advise?




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I'm a recent convert from the S100 to the broader range of (cheaper) cannon cameras using CHDK. I've been testing the A2200 specifically, and I've found it performs very admirably with a shutter speed between 1/1000 and 1/2500. Plenty of used CHDK-compatible cameras on auction sites, Amazon, etc. it really is a great relief to drop the payload cost to 1/6th.

Thanks for the reply Mike.

I will look into it.  Just trying to get a broad idea on what camera to use.  Taking into consideration price, weight and the quality of imagery I'm able to get from the camera.


Hi Gareth,

what camere did you finally choose? 

I have to take the same decision now,


Hi Jaime

I've decided on the s95 & s100.  I managed to get all three cameras second hand at a great price.  Based on recommendation from others and also the price that I managed to get the cameras for, it seemed to be the correct choice.  Still busy with final setups on my hexa and fixed wing, will send through some pics soon.



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