Hi, can someone point me to the docs describing the APM's camera control features?

Í've hardwired a connection to my stills camera which I can successfully trigger using an Arduino board (by setting the output signal pin to HIGH), and was hoping to do the same from my APM 2.5.

I tried setting the RC5_FUNCTION to "camera_trigger", and tested all possible values for CAM_TRIGG_TYPE (servo, relay, transistor), but it doesn't seem to make any difference to the output on the channel 5 pins when I hit the "Trigger Camera NOW" function in the mission planner.

I would have thought if nothing else, if I set CAM_TRIGG_TYPE to servo and plugged a standard servo into the output 5 pins it would move with the camera trigger command, but I get no response at all.

Any help much appreciated, thanks all.


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They're still a work in progress, this thread is about getting it all to work: http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/automated-parachute-drop  i.e. operate a servo at a waypoint.

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