Does anyone know how to configure APM to use infinite servos with camera stabilization? I have the photoshipone 2x gimbal.

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Hi Adam,

Is the documentatation you were referring to available over Wiki? Also, I need some help on getting on with the 2-axis gimbal stabilization, it may be a slight overkill for this forum. Can anyone help me (prob. can ask that through email) ?



Is there any update regarding the code?

As far as I can tell there is no option to select the angular rate instead of the actual angle.

I'm really looking forward to test this out on the new 3-axis gimbal.



Hi Anders,

Are you referring to the gyros used for velocity control. I dont clearly understand your question.


The reply was supposed to be directed to Amilcar Lucas or Adam Rivera, regarding the code that disappeared in the repo.



I think Adam did the code for the infinite-servos, than I had some changes made that made his code incompatible with mine.

I'm not sure if he already merged his changes on top of mine.

I do not have infinite servos to test width, so I will not add infinite-servo control features.

Thanks for the reply,

I'm looking into the code to see if I can add support for continuous servos as well.

I think this will be an important issue, as all decent gimbal-systems is belt driven.

And all belt driven gimbals will need continuous servos.


If you have any pointers or sample code, I'd be more than happy to test it.

I am also working on a project using continuous servos for gimbal. I need a way to compensate for the gyro drift (for yaw) and thus, make the use gyro drift to determine the velocity of the servo.

Any suggestions on how to achieve these two aims will be helpful.

As Adam states, you can use the gyro-drift compensated vector straight out from the code base.

If you were to take the drift compensated angular rate, and output that as the servo output you should be OK.

This sounds like the exact same thing as I'm trying to do..

The code is in the libraries/AP_Mount/AP_Mount.cpp file.

The file has lots of comments and should be easy to understand.

So do I have it right that APM's gimbal control does not currently support 360° servos?

Also since RC10 & RC1 update at 50hz, should we only be running high speed digital servos off RC7 & RC8  as I believe those update at 490hz?

That is correct, I tried to take a whack at the code to enable support for 360 servos.

After some fiddling I found it to be a better approach to use external potmeters,

as this gives you an absolute position instead of relative position. And you still get full range with belt-driven designs.

I'm going see if I'm able to post a write-up on how I accomplished this.

Regarding the digital vs analog servos; I honestly don't know. I'm using digital servos..

I think there is a setting in MP to set the frequency of RC1-RC8, but this might compromise flight caracteristics.


Is this feature available yet ? I got 2 infinite servos I'm trying to make work on the APM. Any help would be much appreciated ! Thanks !

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