I would like to know if there is a ready made solution for configuring the APM2.5 to take photos at fixed distance intervals, by using a voltage based trigger, e.g. as with chdk on canon cameras.

I know this question has been asked here before, (several times), but I am however still not aware of any good answer to the question. So, any help is appreciated.



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Sorry Joe I don't completely understand your question?

I've got it running on my APM 2.5 now, the only thing I changed is that I use A7 and A8 (pins 61, 62) for focus and shoot. The distance calculation between two GPS locations is done through the function 'get_distance()', that function is also used for navigation.


Jerry, are you firing a camera running CHDK?

The problem I've had with using the servo command is that it only puts out PWM not solid 5V signals. I haven't tested it in a while but I think CHDK is unable to register anything when you send it PWM. As far as I remember I think it needed to be a 5V pulse on the order or 10ms before it recognized anything. 

Same here. Need a logic signal to trigger my camera at specific waypoints.

The function 'verify_nav_wp()' lives in the commands_logic ArduPlane sketch. This code runs and verifies that a waypoint has been reached. You could add a flag in that function to trigger a 5V digital output on your APM board. It would run for every single waypoint during your mission though, until you add more code to choose specifically which waypoints you want.

Hi Mike, you seem to be very knowledgeable about the APM code and I was hoping you might be able to point me to a top-level flow diagram and explanation showing the overall code design.  Is there such a beast?

Thanks, Dan

Hey Dan,

I've only been reading through the main loop and chasing down the functions I want from there. I'd assume the dev team use state diagrams to keep track of the code but I don't know that they're available online. Maybe try contacting Andrew Tridgell for state or flow diagrams.

That's a good idea Mike - I'll try Andrew.  Thanks

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