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I am sure there has already been a topic on this but I could not fine it.  I have figured out hoe to hook up my 2-axis camera gimble but I can not figure out how to hook up the camera trigger.  Which plug on the APM board are you supposed to hook the servo too?  I have the camera gimbal in 10 & 11 and it is working fine.


ALSO-  I have read that the servos for the camera gimbal should not get their power through the APM board but can someone explain where they shoud get their power from? 



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The wiki is pretty good for things like this:

You still have to figure out how a servo will trigger your shutter, is this what you were asking about?
Yes it is but it does not illustrate how to setup the servo for the trigger. I am still trying to figure out how to connect the servo so that channel 7 can control it.
There are a few ways to do this, and the choice you make depends on your camera. If the camera can be controlled by a wired remote, you can use a servo switch (which you can make or buy... 3DR or Hobbyking) Or you can just strap a servo to the camera and have it physically press the shutter button when activated.

Personally, I use a servo switch with a Canon camera running CHDK.

check this out.

camera trigger from geobduffy

he switches the camera on using the USB  - uses telemetry / ground station map as the guide as when to turn the camera on.  Camera then running CHDK script.



thank for the advice I'm learning a lot here but I think I am asking my question badly so I hope this photo helps. 

I have a gimbal all set up with a trigger servo just do not know how to wire the servo so channel 7 controls it.

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