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Are you talking about RSSI? I have my Dragon Link hooked up to a Futaba 7C. I run my mode switch on channel 5 of the DL to Channel 8 on the APM. If you want RSSI, thats on Ch 9 on the DL. You would need to look at the APM wiki to see which channel on the APM board to attach it to. Im not sure if I completely understand what your asking, however assuming your not getting any signals going into APM, I had a problem with mine at first with it unbinding. I did a recalibration of the Dragon Link receiver and it works fine now. Also using Turnigy 9x, are you sure you have your three-way switch setup correctly?

PPM should come from channel 12 on the DL, on some older versions it comes out of channel 9. PPM goes into APM2 input 1 with signal wires of 2 and 3 jumped.

All clearly spelled out in the wiki.


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